Green Merino

I’ve spun the first 50g of the lovely forest green Merino I got from Adelaide Walker at the Big Textile Show. I want to make a hat of it, which means it would make sense to spin it more woolen, but it’s a combed top – so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try spinning from the fold!

I’ve been using the spinning tutorials by Jacey Boggs Faulkner on Craftsy, which I’ve found very helpful. Drafting from the fold was pretty tricky. Jacey uses a spinning wheel rather than a drop spindle, and I have a feeling it might be easier with a wheel as you get a different angle between your hand and yarn.

The resulting yarn is more uneven than usual, but I don’t really mind. I spun and plied it very loosely (for the first ply I actually went back over it and ‘un-spun’ it a bit because I thought it was a bit tight) and I’m very happy with the result, which is a lovely soft and airy yarn.

It is:




~8WPI (aran)


I’ve had a look around on Ravelry for suitable hat patterns and I think I might go for a really simple one like this Simple Slouch Hat by Robyn Devine.


I’m definitely having a lazy Sunday with much knitting and tea, and shortbread I made yesterday. I’m feeling a bit like an invalid after having a rather bad fall on my bike yesterday. Nothing serious, just superficial wounds, but they are quite numerous and painful so I feel justified in staying in bed 🙂

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